The Children Charity Association was founded in 1996 primarily to assist underprivileged children under the age of 16. At the time, our focus was providing short-term educational or medical assistance to children affected by natural disasters, accidents or changes to their family structure.

In 1998, we launched our music therapy program for hearing-impaired children. The program has proven to be invaluable to the development of these children. Through exposure to music and rhythm, hearing-impaired children become more sensitive to sound. This in turn helps them with verbal expression and clarity.

In 2005, we launched our expressive arts therapy program for children with special needs (e.g. autism, ADD, ADHD). Through music, art, theater and dance therapy, children learn about themselves and how to express themselves. They not only learn to interact with others in a productive way, but are also better able to manage their own behavior and emotions.

The association also helps to subsidize long-term therapy to lessen the financial burden of families. Our goal is to help children become both physically and mentally healthy so that they can live up to their potential. We are one of only a few social welfare organizations in Taiwan that subsidizes long-term therapy.

Children Charity Association

Telephone No. : (02)2577-0887
Ministry of the Interior Registration No. 8515453